The Great American Road Trip!

Well, it's been months...but, not without good reason.  Our family returned Memorial Day from a six-week cross-country road trip. We left the slush and mud of early April in Maine and headed south down the east coast to the Jersey shore, the mountains of NC, and the magnolia blossoms in Alabama. We camped on the... Continue Reading →


This is what we left behind (not the child).   And here is where we landed: We had a short, but sweet stay in Clearwater Beach, FL, visiting with Grampy and running in the Clearwater Marathon.  The kids basically spent 4 days in the pool. It wasn't hot, but it sure wasn't Maine. It was a... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Thursday

We're back into the swing of things after taking December mostly off from academic work.  Wylie loves a formal schedule, and all things electronic, so we've started using Google Classroom for his homeschool assignments.  It seems a little silly, seeing as how we live together (and spend most waking hours in the same room) but... Continue Reading →


The temps finally climbed above zero (up to 25°F!) yesterday and we got out for a gorgeous ski.  Days of subzero temps and fresh powder make for perfect ski snow.  Daisy was so happy to finally be able to run again!

Try Slowing Down

    A few weeks ago a quote from Lily Tomlin appeared in my inbox: "For fast-acting relief, try slowing down". That's one of my resolutions for this 2018.   Along with a few other goals, one of my intentions is to organize our week with the aim of being home more often, and for longer... Continue Reading →

The Shortest Day

It's been festive here this week;  cookie making and swapping, gift shopping and wrapping, lots of making in the kitchen, at the sewing machine, with paints and wax.  Outside the weather is cooperating for the holidays with about 10 inches of white powder keeping everything very greeting card-ish.  We got the skis down from the... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Kale!

My baby boy is 8 today.   I can't believe it, yet looking at him it must be true.   We spent a few minutes this morning looking through old pictures and videos taken the first few months of his life.   He is every bit as funny and good-natured now as he was then.  And still in... Continue Reading →

Little Wilson Falls

About a month ago we checked off one of the remaining boxes from our Summer Bucket List--waterfall hike.  Along with friends, we made the trip northwest to Monson, down a crazy bumpy road to the trailhead of Little Wilson Falls, in the Hundred Mile Wilderness, and near the end of the Appalachian Trail. The iPhone... Continue Reading →


This year marked our 9th Autumnal Equinox celebration atop Mount Batty.  It is a sweet, simple celebration with family friends, pizza and Oreos (half light/half dark).  We gather stones or shells and toss them off the cliff and make a wish for the coming year.  Some years we don our hats and winter jackets.  This year... Continue Reading →

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