Rope Bowls

December is crafting month here.  We’ve put aside all school work, aside from reading and a writing intensive (more on that another post) and are spending a part of each day working on gifts.   I’m doing most of the gift making, but the kids each work in spurts on small projects, or help me when I need it.   I can’t share much of it until after the holidays, but here’s a tiny project I can share.

If you need any tiny cloth bowls (you will once you see them), here’s a quick way to stitch some up.

Rope Bowls

1.  Get some all cotton, not too heavy weight rope.  I used a clothes line type rope, but not as thick as regular clothes line.

2.  Choose a color thread you’ll appreciate.

3. Carefully, using a zig-zag stitch, sew togther each new round of the spiral.  This is tricky the first few rounds, but gets easier as the bowl gets bigger.  Eventually you’ll have to tip your bowl on its side as you turn it, to form the shape.

4. Ta-da!  a small bowl (or big if you like).  Put some tiny pine cones in it.  Or candy?  Earrings?  Nesting bowls for toddlers?


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