Feminist Because…

I stumbled upon this amazing post over at “The Girl In the Hat”, (https://thegirlinthehat.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/if-i-had-a-dollar-why-i-am-a-feminist/)  Its definitely worth your time, and invites response.

Here’s mine:


Because I work hard every day to be sure my daughter can grow up asking all the questions she wants, so she never forgets her voice, so she doesn’t equate learning with silence.

Because I teach my children they can grow up knowing that strength, and beauty, and patience, and bravery are true to all no matter your gender.

Because my mother is a feminist.

Because pushing my children into the world was the most amazing, difficult, empowering thing I’ve experienced, and women all around the world do it every single day.

Because my father taught my brothers, not my sisters and I, to shingle the roof.

Because I’d never mowed a lawn until I was 24.

Because of the Women’s Studies professors at UNH. Because if I had a dollar for every time I questioned my choice to stay home with my kids…

Because the role I’ve chosen isn’t valued by society.

Because if I had a dollar for every time someone said, “I’d love to do that, but I could never….”

Because my sisters are two of the strongest, smartest women I’ve ever met.

Because aside from my husband and sons, the people who have changed my life the most have all been women.

Because when I was 9 I overheard my father saying I’d never make the little league team.

Because I did.

Because shaving my legs presents a struggle in morals and makes me question what I’m modeling for my daughter.

Because not shaving my legs makes me feel less sexy.

Because this is the hardest job I’ve ever done and I haven’t earned a dollar to my name in eleven years.

Because I didn’t wear a dress for 8 years straight.

Because I knit, and sew, and put up food, and run, keep bees, and climb trees, use and use power tools (sometimes in a dress).

Because my grandmother was a riveter.

Because my grandmother worked full time and raised 4 kids.

Because I can imagine a world where “you _____ like a girl” is a compliment.

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