Homeschool Thursday, Spring

We’ve all been feeling a bit like Toad, wishing we could stay in bed until the calender says April, and a bit like Frog, looking around every corner for spring.  Today we rounded the corner and found this:


Small, to be sure (and over exposed).  But you can see them right?  Crocuses!  Which means it actually is spring, and some well meaning friend didn’t just switch the calendar straight from February to April while we were asleep.  Even more evidence is to be had in the driveway where mud has finally replaced ice.


And, while it may still be all white and brown outside, inside we’re making the most of spring. We’ve decked out the nature table with all kinds of seasonal books, artwork, and other goodies.  We dyed Easter eggs, and had our first ever indoor egg hunt.  A couple of weeks ago a friend helped me prune our apple and pear trees, and we’re forcing some of the cuttings.  The apple leafed out in a week, and now has flower buds ready to open in a couple of days.





We recently found the book, “How to draw 20 Trees” (we lost it last year in Juni’s room).  Its been the perfect after breakfast intro to school work, and very seasonally appropriate.



Kale is still into all sorts of board and card games.  Recently we’ve been playing “Spot 10” where you try to spot all of the numbers that add to 10 within the same column or row in a 3×3 grid.  And still plenty of “Go to the Dump”  (surprisingly no one has re-named this “go take a dump”).  He also loves Marbles (like “Sorry” but with playing cards), “Yahtzee”, and “Pass the Pigs”.   Of course nothing is as fun as a cardboard box.

Stay away from my box.


In 5th grade I remember my teacher teaching long division.  I remember hating it, dreading it, and consequently never learning it.  Even so, I recently checked out a book about division from the library, and we read it.  Guess what?  I can do long division.   Almost as well as my kids.  Juniper loves it.  She spent 30 minutes of the plane ride to Florida making up and solving division problems.  She lays in bed and tries to work them in her head without paper.  She told me this morning she wants to do a problem with a million in it.  Ok.  Go figure.

Wylie spent the better part of the last 2 days building a sound system from random stereo bits around our house.  He’s got it hooked up to surround sound along with a microphone, an iPod, and a voice recorder.  We had friends over the other day and he DJ’d a dance party, while his friend S played the part of judge, giving out scores at the end each dance.  It was all very comical and good natured including this line, delivered to his sister, “Great Job E, you really dug deep on that one and connected with the music.  I can see you were giving it your all”.  


These kids crack me up.


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  1. Just found your site after starting up a chat in the Secular CM Yahoo Forum. Look forward to following up more with you!

    Mother of the Irish Horde


    1. My family eats wheat much of the time, but I have been GF for 6 years now, and much healthier for it. I look forward to exploring your site. Glad you found me.


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