Homeschool Thursday: Woods Walk and more

The world around us seems to be stretching and shaking off this long winter sleep.  With temperatures in the 50s and 60s each day we’ve lost nearly all of our snow in 5 days.  We couldn’t bear to sit inside and do our normal routines with all of the sunshine, bird calls, and earth to be enjoyed.  So, schooling this week looked a lot like this:

checking out little shrimp like guys (later identified as copepods) 


identifying plants using five senses (guess which we used for wintergreen?)






first enjoyable bare feet of the season 


our forced branches blossomed this week


started on the windowsill: broccoli, cabbage, zinnias and cosmos


It was a rough winter for all of us–bees included.  Sadly both of my hives died this winter.  From the looks of things it seemed like they both died early, possibly before the new year.  Each box was loaded with honey.  I’ve been able to extract quite a lot of their leftover honey, but am hoping to secure a couple more colonies soon and feed most of it to the new bees.



The kids are still enjoying “20 ways to draw a tree”.  They’ve taken to tracing the pictures with tracing paper, and we therefore have random pages of beetles, seeds etc. stuck to the walls.  We’ll have to come up with some kind of craft involving translucent bugs, flowers and trees.



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