Sunny Afternoon Visit

We have abandoned most indoor work (think dishes, vacuuming, cleaning of any sort, spelling…the list goes on) since the sun came out a week ago.  If you were to stop for a visit you’d first notice the all horizontal surfaces are hidden by an week’s accumulation of stuff. Secondly by the layers of grit stuck to your feet if you bother to remove your shoes–better not.


But, if you did stop by,  you wouldn’t want to go inside anyway.  I’d whisk you off to the garden to see the peas I’ve put in 3 times now since the chickens keep eating them, and the spinach and lettuce coming up in the cold frame, and the beautiful new fence along the back of the garden that Rob just finished in time for ducklings!  Yay.  They’re not here yet, but come back in a week or two.  Can’t wait.  Last week’s project for me was digging them a small pond in the corner of the garden.  It was heavy, wet clay–hard on the back, but great for holding water.



garlic, May 10
tiny turnips


Chive restaurant

After you see the garden we’ll stroll over to the rock wall I’ve been working on (for two years now) but its nearly done, as you’ll see.  And you’ll notice the daffodils up around the sweet little fruit trees, including the new little apple for my mother’s day gift.  All of the little trees are just budding out–it looks like they all survived the winter.  They did better than the bees.  While you’re in the tiny orchard you’ll notice the hives are still empty, but I’m hoping for a call about available bees soon.



Then we’ll mosey over to the play yard where you’ll likely have to admire Juniper’s acrobatics on the swings and ropes course (did I mention they built a ropes course?)  Just one element so far really, but I think it still counts.


Just off to the side of the screen porch you’ll remark about the outdoor shower and tub, and if your’re so inclined we’d give you the privacy to use it–its the only way to shower on a sunny morning.  Or to rinse off after a long afternoon in the garden.  Or to strip the ticks from your kids before bed. You get it.


When you’re clean and dry we’ll relax on the screen porch with some seltzer, fresh from the tap (Rob says he’s just cleaning the lines–we’ll see), or perhaps a gin and tonic with a pinch of lemon balm just up in the garden, or maybe we’ll be able to spot some mint, I’m sure it will be up soon.  Ooh, and rhubarb.  We’ll listen to the Bittern galunking in the marsh while we relax. Maybe you should stay for dinner?  We’ll grill, or maybe have frittata with chives and dandelion greens.  And custard for dessert since the chickens are sharing a dozen a day, and we’re working hard to keep up.


Then the peepers will start up their chorus and we’ll turn on the little twinkly lights Rob just put up (yes, I have a man that likes twinkly lights–its swell).  We’ll have another G&T, or switch to hot tea since it will be getting chilly, and we’ll enjoy the night frog sounds and the last sweet song of the wood thrush before dark.  Of course all of our children (you brought yours didn’t you?) have been playing a lovely game in the woods all afternoon without any arguing or injury, and have since showered off all the ticks and are inside playing some kind of educational board game no doubt, without any squabbling, and of course they don’t mind at all about the house that has not been cleaned in a week.  In fact, they might be tidying up a bit while we’re out on the porch relaxing.  I think they are.   (Note, since this original writing many hands have pitched in to clean up and vacuum in honor of Mother’s Day :))


You see how nice it is around here when spring finally arrives in Maine?  You should see September.  Thats why we live here.  Its been a great afternoon.  Thanks for visiting.  Next week we’ll come to your place.

Mother’s Day, photo by Wylie

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