Last year I felt like we were running through summer, but this summer feels a bit more balanced. Without a marathon on the calendar training is still regular but much more relaxed.  If we wake up before 6:00 (about 3 week days) then Rob and I head out the door for a pre-work run.  Its a nice to check in a bit before he is off for the day, and ensures that we each get some self-care time before we launch into a busy work day.  On weekends I do a long run with my running group, and Rob does a long solo when I return.  Its a good rhythm.

Bib banner (and seagull, by Wylie)

Aside from the 2 marathons and a 10K, I hadn’t raced much at all for  several years (the last 5K was with Juni), and until recently I haven’t really wanted too.  But this year Rob has been excited to join the race scene, and has dragged me along too.  Early this spring he raced two local 5Ks, the “Race the Runways 5k”, then we ran the SugarLoaf 15K together, followed by the 10 mile Tour du Lac, and a 4th of July 5K.   I have to say it is way more fun to race with a partner, and in many of the races we have run side by side for at least part of the race.  A funny thing happens when you run with a fast, cute, man that you love.  You get faster (and maybe cuter?) too.

Selfie by Rob

Neither of us set out to win any of the races we’ve done this year, but so far we’ve amassed quite a collection of metal.  At the 4th of July 5K, each of us decorated, a bystander asked if we have a trophy room at home.  “We add them to the dress up bin”.

Tour du Lac, Bucksport, ME

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