Home and Gardens

Its a little bit like Christmas, coming home to the garden after a couple weeks away in July.  The heat having finally officially kicked in, the garden is full of weeds, yes, but also lots of food.  Most of these pics are nearly two weeks old by now, so imagine most of it doubled in size, and a few more greens bolting and flowering.   We’ve transitioned from salads daily, to basil, chard, turnips, and snap peas.  Broccoli, potatoes, and cucumber should be next week.  Maybe a couple of cherry tomatoes.  Good stuff.  DSC_9832





The ducks continue to be so much fun in the garden.  They have started sleeping, nearly on top of the cucumber plants (may have to do something about that) but it is really keeping the cucumber beetles at bay!  They are a funny crew.  Its a bit too early for me to be sure, but I think we have 4 males and one lone girl.  We may have two girls.  For her sake I’m hoping for two, just because that seems lonely to me.  But, since they will be food come November, 4 boys would actually be preferable.  Nothing to do but wait and see.


The fruit trees are looking great this year.  Unless the beetles and caterpillars do a number on the trees its looking like we’ll have our first real harvest of apples and pears this fall, plus this adorable, handful of a cherry harvest.  All of our cultivated blueberries are too small for berries, but we live in a wood full of wild high and low bush.  Not enough to put up, but certainly enough for a batch of muffins or two, or best of all, a handful each time we walk the path.



The cool spring we had has made this a great summer for swimming in the pond down the road.  Its a large pond, lake size really, but so shallow that by mid-July it is usually too warm to feel refreshing.  So far we’re still enjoying it.  My camera, an iced coffee, and something to read beside the pond while my kids (and any number of friends) spend an hour or so swimming and kayaking before walking home in the slanting sun.






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