Arts and Crafts

The kitchen floor is tacky with humidity and covered with a sparkly sheen–part glitter, part honey.  This past week we’ve been shuffling through the house, using it as a landing pad between soccer camp, garden work, running, birthday parties, jam making, beach time, honey extracting….

DSC_0344  DSC_0419DSC_0410

Each time we pass through, another handful of dishes (scavenged from the car, the porch, the yard) lands beside the sink.  Another bunch of garden produce is set in a bowl, draped with a towel.  Another pile of laundry (clean!) moves from line to deck, to stairs, to bathroom.  The kids help themselves to bagels, leaving crumbs across the island, cream cheese smeared on the counter.  We find the knife on the floor where the cat left it after licking it clean.  At meal times half finished art projects are pushed to the edges of the table until the edges are too full and they get shuffled to the next horizontal surface.  Or we decide to eat on the porch.


It is high summer and high fun. It’s been hot and humid, and so very much summer it feels cliche.  We cannot spend more than a few minutes a day on inside chores.  Plenty of time for that in November.  I’m waiting for someone to break a glass so I can vacuum. (With concrete floors this happens fairly often).


But, one rainy day before we left for our last camping trip I managed to get a bit of cleaning in. I went straight for the fun stuff, and organized (some) of our art supplies and straightened up the workspace in the dining room.  Amazing what a bit of set up can do for our art enthusiasm.




We’ve been coloring, drawing, painting, sculpting, robot building etc.  It feels really good. And lovely when those activities can move to the screen porch or outdoors as well.  



I’m fantasizing about a covered outdoor art space, like this one, which really a bit silly in a climate that is below freezing nearly half the year.  But a girl can dream right?



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