Garden Tour


Its been a bit since I’ve shared any garden updates, and while these pictures are a week old, I think they’re good enough to share the state of the garden these days.  It likely looks the same to all of you in these photos, but from my point of view there are a lot more weeds!

The garden is doing quite well this season.  Some things got off to a bit of a late start, so the beans are just flowering now, the beets are still golf ball size, and kale seedlings just went in for a fall crop.  But, the garlic is ready to be hung, onions are coming along, and the carrots are almost ready to be pulled.  The peas are done, sadly, but they had a nice run, and soon we’ll be eating tomatoes and potatoes.  I’ve just started another small row of lettuce, spinach, and japanese bakana cabbage, for the fall.

The apples are starting to redden and the wild highbush blueberries are full of such amazing berries they look nearly like the cultivated varieties.  We have got to find more time to pick! And, we’ve had our first honey harvest.  Looks like a good season to be a bee (and a bee keeper!)

From 8 frames, mostly clover and blueberry (I’m guessing).
Beets and Beans


A whole bed of dill self seeded from last year. Its growing beautifully above the beets and beans.
The ducks have been ousted from the garden after trampling onions and eating the cabbages. I modified their house to fit the chickens and now they’re all living together in their “summer home” fenced on pasture.


Rob and the kids built this cute little gnome home out of a tree stump in the play yard.  Wylie outfitted it with a solar panel and working LED lights.  Very cute.



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