The end of July, through the 2nd week in August are a parade of parties for us, beginning with Juniper’s birthday the last week of July and ending with our Anniversary (14 years!) on August 11th.   We always feel a bit out-celebrated by the end of it, but I am forever grateful that our littles (2 out of 3 anyway) have summer birthdays.  Its so easy to say yes to an outdoor party.


Juniper wanted to invite everyone she knows (that’s just her style, our social butterfly–and never wanting to leave anyone out).  I think we parred the list down to 30 children, not counting their parents!  Thank goodness there’s a state park just down the road, and a homemade ice cream shop with cakes to be purchased just minutes from there.  DSC_0643

We managed to dodge the scattered thunder showers, and were even rewarded for our persistence with a double rainbow for our double digit girl.  Ten.  Its a big deal, and she knows it.


Wylie’s birthday is 9 days later (they had the same due date, but thankfully each got their own month).  They are very different children, and chose very different ways to celebrate.  Wylie invited his Mimi, and two very close family friends (a total of 4 children, not counting ours) for dinner, cake, a movie, and a campout on the lawn.  There was star-gazing, tag at midnight, and pancakes for breakfast.  It was sweet and mostly quiet and low key.


With our fist of course, every year is uncharted territory, parenting-wise.  I’ve been feeling like 12 is especially big, with more independence to be gained, and responsibilities to be accepted.  I’m looking forward to finding new ways to connect and spend time with this sweet boy of ours who has mostly out grown read-alouds and snuggles.  He is still small in size (though eating like a horse these days) but has never been small in curiosity or personality.  This is a boy who knows where he’s going.


Just 2 days later Mimi (my mom) has her birthday.  My sister and I put together a small dinner for her at their farm in Monroe.  We grilled up a mess of farm raised meat, decorated the table with fresh garden salads and cut flower bouquets.  I made a flourless chocolate torte, and we ate in the garden shed under twinkling lights.  A lovely gathering for a lovely lady.

My new favorite photo of Mimi.
Heide posing with meat




Of course there were moustaches.

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  1. How fun, I can’t believe how grown up they are now! 10 and 12 is just crazy. Your cakes look beautiful and so do all your pictures. I love the first and last ones expecially.


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