We are lucky to live near my older sister and her two boys, whom we see a lot of.  But, this week we were thrilled to host my (older younger) brother’s three kiddos while he and his wife celebrated their anniversary.  It was three days and two nights of the sweetest cousin love fest you can imagine.  Nothing but fun and smiles, laughing, swimming, gymnastics on the lawn, soccer, and so much coloring.  (And, um lots of food, dishes, and laundry). 
 My favorite moment was when Wylie (never one to even notice small children or be aware of developmental expectations) was so taken by Ani that he asked her very sweetly in a sing song baby voice, “can you say Wylie?”, to which she responded, without bothering to even glance his way, “yes,” with as much contempt as a 4 yr.* old can muster.  I’ll bet she can spell it too.  

 * In his defense she is tiny in size, and possibly the cutest kid he’s ever seen.  

Wylie wants to trade Kale for Ani.  I’ll keep them both.  And the boys too.  
Kale has been beside himself with boy play. Imagine, two! cousins nearly his own age, both boys, both athletic and funny and artistic.  Heaven.  

My youngest brother and his wife are expecting their second baby any day now, just had a sweet, fat baby girl, 10 lbs!  We’re looking forward to some cousin love with them too, once they’ve settled in a bit.  Now if we could only see my younger sister and her family.  Eleven cousins, what a joy.  




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