Mid-Week Morsels

Morsels:  Tiny bits of goodness from the past weeks….

Ride, Sally, Ride!  

This week we said Good-bye to our mini-van, Lois, and Hello to Sally!  Say what you want about people who name their cars (but I not too loudly, ’cause I don’t want to hear it.)  I name everything.  Rob and I attended a beautiful wedding of friends this past weekend, and during the vows, “do you promise to love each other through the harder times in life….” Rob leaned over and added car shopping to the list.  Not our favorite week together.  But, I love her.  Everyone should drive a van for 10 years then switch to something small(ish) and sporty(ish).  So much fun.  We can still fit most of the kids (just kidding).



Last night Juni finished up her first soccer season.  I volunteered to coach her team and it was a blast.  We started the season with the idea of low commitment involvement, and because our weekends in September were so busy we said we’d only attend weekday games and practices.  But, we both enjoyed it so much we did what we could to be there most Saturdays.  What a blast to see her improving, and to work with 8-10yr. olds.  I’d forgotten how much I love this game.  We’re both looking forward to next year.

juni soccer
Juni steals the ball! Photo by Mimi


Two weekends ago Rob completed his first ever Marathon!  The weather was perfect for the race, and we were happy to be there cheering him on.   When I ran my first marathon I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to see everyone around me finishing, knowing they went through all the same hours and miles of training, all summer.  Noticing how strong and healthy so many people are.  This year I experienced that it’s just as empowering to watch as someone you love go through that process of training and struggle.  My pictures aren’t much to see, because I could hardly stop yelling to take the photo.   Afterward he said, “I honestly didn’t think it would be that hard.”  But, you can see from the pictures he’s still smiling at the end (or maybe because its the end?).  Yay Rob!



over-exposed spectators
Still smiling at the finish

Young Entrepreneurs

Kale has been on a money making spree recently, doing all he can to earn a bit of cash.  He’s saving up for walkie-talkies so he can talk to his friend Y, “whenever I want, in case you’re on the phone or something”.  His friend lives about 20 minutes by car.  Can he get walkie talkies that will work that far?  So far he’s made $6.50 in pears, though he has had to split it with his business partners.





My Technicolor Life

The leaves this week are gorgeous.  Driving down the road its all I can do not to pull over and take out my camera.  It seems at least once each season mother nature blows me away with beauty.  This is that week.  As if the leaves weren’t enough already, the zinnias, cosmos, and mums are out in full force.  Juxtaposed against the slate gray, or brilliant blue October sky it is breathtaking.  The pictures to not do it justice (there may be more to come).  If you don’t live near foliage take a trip soon!




Autumn Inside

Most schoolwork days for us are all about the big kids, and Kale is super patient about it all.  But every once in a while I feel guilty about all of the big kid lessons he’s enduring, though just this morning, above the protests of the other two he said, “I want to hear another story about the battle at Lexington”  so I guess he isn’t minding too much!  But still, I think he’d be better served by more crafting and outdoor play.  So today we took an hour and brought a bit of that color inside.  We collected colored leaves from the lawn and sketched out a large tree.  My plan was to tape the leaves onto our tree picture.  That wasn’t his plan.  “Maybe you could make your own tree” he advised.  So I did.  Now our stairwell has two trees, which is really twice as nice.  Mine is washi tape with maple leaves.  His is crayon tree with crayon leaves, and chalk sky.  The lighting in our stairwell is terrible, so you can’t really appreciate his sweet little bird on the branch and bird feeder.  You’ll have to trust me when I say they are wonderful.



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