We recently read, “Walter the Baker” by Eric Carl for the first time.  Kale, by virtue of being the youngest has heard many, many books–sadly (perhaps) most of them are not age appropriate.  He still enjoys them.  His favorite thing of all is to hear history–historical fiction, legends, text book history lessons–any thing will do.

But, when I read to him alone I try to choose a picture book.  He has never had the luxury of hearing the same book re-read 10 times per day.  My patience for that was burned out with the first two.  I think we gave away all of the board books before he was born, vowing to never again read “Guess How Much I Love You?” or “My Big Truck Book” (though I will always have a soft spot in my heart for “Pajama Time”).  Even so, he does love picture books, and is very familiar with the favorites that we kept, having weeded out the junk after the first two.  Our favorites are “Winnie the Pooh”, “Frog and Toad”, anything by Virginia Lee Burton, Tomy diPaola, or Richard Scary.  But for some reason we haven’t read much Eric Carl.  “Walter the Baker” was a hit, and inspired us to bake some pretzels.

So, last Friday, with Juniper at a friend’s, and Wylie busy with electronics experiments, Kale and I had some alone time.  We read picture books.  We walked outside in a light that was so clear and crisp it reminded me that November is no longer my least favorite month (March takes the cake).  And we baked pretzels.  They tasted terrible. They were gluten free, so there’s that.  Of course I had to substitute about 3 different ingredients, so it may not be the recipe that’s bad.  But, they were so much fun to make I’d do it again just for the play.  Like play dough but you get to boil them and paint them with egg.  We’ll definitely be trying again, soon.  I’ll share a recipe when I find a good one.




At the end of the afternoon we stepped outside to this.  Not bad.

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