Homeschool Thursday

A break from Photo Phebruary to catch up on a bit of schooly business.


Right now all of the kids are participating in so many cool outside of the house classes that most of our writing and reading is inspired by homework and project work.  Aside from those classes there’s plenty of independent reading happening by the oldest, math through Beast Academy for Juni and Wy, and a bit of handwriting for all.


Right now at our HS coop Wylie is taking an amazing class on Race/Class studies taught by our good friend Gretchen.  The class has opened up a lot of thoughtful conversation in our house and has given Wylie the chance to write a few short feedback/summary pieces.  He’s also been working on a web design class, focused on building a web page for our HS cooperative.


Kale and Juniper are participating in a history class, “The Universe Beads” taught by two friends of ours; A brief overview of the past 14 Billion years, as told through self created Sculpy beads.  It’s so rad.  (pics to come).  They are also both taking a creative writing class at our HS coop.  Kale dictates stories endlessly, on all sorts of topics ranging from life in a farm in Colonial America where the green hay catches fire, to a beluga whale named Blast and his adventures on a flying carpet with his penguin friend.  Juniper has settled into one long story involving a spying neighbor, and two 12 year old girls who solve the mystery.  Her writing is so full of great description I love hearing what she’s written.



In addition, I’ve been leading the “Mystery Class” as developed by JourneyNorth, with a group of 9 homeschooling friends ages 10-13.  It has been such a fun class to teach, and I’m easily learning as much as the kids.  Each week we use time clues to determine the photoperiod of 10 mystery locations from around the world.  We plot the data and compare each location to our own, using our knowledge of longitude, latitude, and seasonal changes in daylight to find the locations on the globe.  By the spring equinox we should have enough information (along with a few geography clues) to accurately pin point each locations.  I hope the kids are enjoying it as much as I am.

Also on their weekly schedule:

Juni–piano and soccer

Wylie–HS Thursday group for big kids and Role Playing at the Game Loft, and a new science class on water quality monitoring (sounds like a great class).

Kale– too many playdates to keep up with, and board games as often as we’ll tolerate.




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