We spent last weekend in NH with a pile of cousins.  Such a good time!  Wish we could see this crew more often. (If you look closely you'll see Kale's missing tooth, his first!)


This weekend is the spring equinox and I think its truly here on time this year.  I heard the first wood frogs chirping their funny little quacks on a misty morning run early Tuesday.  All of our neighbors are pulling their taps and boiling off the last of this season's syrup.  At my sister's farm... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Thursday

Last week we had a group of Kale's buddies over for the afternoon.  It was the first of this stretch of real spring-like weather we're having, and the stream in the yard was flowing.  The 4 boys, and Juni, busted into the craft drawer and made boats!  Everyone started with cardboard and duct tape, but... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Thursday

Juniper and Kale showed their animal projects at a library event last Monday.  They researched an animal for a "zoo", learned about the animals' habitat, part in the food chain, interesting facts, classification and more.  It was a good learning experience for all of us.  Juniper learned that its easier to spread out a research... Continue Reading →

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