Homeschool Thursday

Juniper and Kale showed their animal projects at a library event last Monday.  They researched an animal for a “zoo”, learned about the animals’ habitat, part in the food chain, interesting facts, classification and more.  It was a good learning experience for all of us.  Juniper learned that its easier to spread out a research project over several days/weeks  (though the focus and attention she put into those last 3 hours was impressive).  And from seeing a variety of projects of all ages she learned a bit about what an exhibit can look like and already has some different ideas for next time.  We learned that crows play games, purposefully trick other birds, and have been observed sledding!   My favorite part of the project was watching Kale naturally work the crowd.  He was animated and relaxed as he talked with everyone about lions and all he’d learned.  Plus the kid now knows a bunch of lion facts.  If you have any lion questions send them his way!  Both kids worked hard and presented their exhibits with confidence.

As you can see they’re pretty proud of themselves.


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