Homeschool Thursday

Last week we had a group of Kale’s buddies over for the afternoon.  It was the first of this stretch of real spring-like weather we’re having, and the stream in the yard was flowing.  The 4 boys, and Juni, busted into the craft drawer and made boats!  Everyone started with cardboard and duct tape, but eventually moved onto corks, aluminum foil and lots of hot glue.  Not only was it a fantastic, child led lesson in flotation and design, but they tackled plenty of problem solving, team work, sharing, and communication skills.  Mostly it was just fun.  And muddy.


Wylie always seems to do his most focused work at bedtime, when the rest of us are ready to crash.  Last week he set to work one evening on a Mars Station, the following evening he found an old hydrometer, from Rob’s brewing days, and explored specific gravity.  These informal, self-directed projects are his best learning times.  Mostly I try to stay out of the way.



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