Monday Morsels

Morsels:  Tiny bits of goodness from the past weeks….

We celebrated Earth Day with an Earth Love party hosted by friends.  It was one of a series of events that our Community holds for Earth day.  We also held “The Universe Story” at our UU church, retelling the history of the Universe from the Big Bang to present day in 40 minutes–fully costumed and unrehearsed.  Its crazy and chaotic, but then again so was the formation of the Universe, and our lovely planet…so there you have it.


We’ve been filling each day with more and more outside play and work, truly loving the Earth up this spring.  Last week we did a short hike with some friends, and had our first go at Geo Caching.   I love the idea, but the reality was that the kids argued over holding the phone, the parents worried the phone would be lost or dropped in the water, no one could decide on what to leave/take from the chache, and they spent the entire, lovely spring morning in the woods–looking at a screen.   After finding 2 caches we put the phone away and had a much more enjoyable walk back.


Kale was excited to find a big Y and a little y.

Overheard from the backseat:

J:  Do you believe in God?

Friend L:  Yes….but not as a person, as a spirit.

J:  Yes, I believe in God as a woman, like Mother Nature or something.

L:  I don’t picture God with a beard sitting on a cloud.

K:  I picture God as—have you seen Fireman Sam?

L:  Um, no.

Me:  you picture God as Fireman Sam?

K:  No, like the bus driver.  



Spinach and lettuce coming up…Flowers, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes,  and flowers in the kitchen.




This past weekend I got into the bee hives and reversed the hive bodies (moved the top boxes to the bottom and bottoms to top, since bees like to work their way up).  I cleaned out a few moldy frames and while I didn’t see the queen in either hive I did see plenty of larvae.  Both hives seem pretty strong.  Kale helped out for the first time.  He was a bit nervous when the bees got excited, but helped with the smoker for a good part of the inspection.

All unwrapped and ready for warmer weather




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