What we’ve been up to…

Apple Harvest


As usual, a busy real life leads to a quiet online presence (as it should). In an attempt to record our days this past season, here’s one straight up,  marathon post on our work/play this Autumn:

Two days a week all of the kids have been participating in PlayWorks, a homeschool enrichment program. Their work there focuses on the arts, movement, and outdoor skills. This is the first time we’ve ever done a long term (all year) drop off program, and mostly it’s going well.  The kids are all enjoying the regular time with friends, and I’m enjoying some predictable time without children to get some things done more efficiently.  Of course, the hours between drop-off and pick-up are few, and then there are parent volunteer days, etc. Even so, it’s been helpful to have some space.

Two other days we have a couple of classes/lessons in town, and between these, we focus on some academics at home.  Fridays we reserve for hikes with friends, playdates, or project work.

For school-type work Wylie has been working through a couple of unit studies from “Moving Beyond the Page” (our first experience with anything like this–mixed reviews), on WWI and WWII and a literature study on “Number the Stars”.  Juniper, similarly, has  been working on a literature study on “The Family Under the Bridge”.  For math, we’ve been playing card games and working slowly through Beast Academy.  The kids have all been working on Typing.com, and Spell City as well.  Kale is working on copy work using “Draw Write Now”, working on reading “Bob Books”.

As always the kids spend the bulk of their home time busy with their own projects.  For Kale this fall that has meant building mock battles with plastic soldiers, wooden block structures, drawing, and bike riding.  He still loves to hear history of any kind.

Kale’s new favorite game–setting up battles of toy soldiers


Juniper has spent hours setting up her “house” in the wigwam we built two years ago.  Complete with fire pit (no real fires, yet) kettle, food storage, and fern sleeping mats.  She has become an avid reader this fall and is working her way through book 2 of “The Land of Stories” series. She still spends a lot of time crafting, mostly with paper, sometimes fabric, or paper mache, often with her dolls in mind.  She played soccer and loved it, and recently raced in her 3rd 5K.




Wylie has been busy constructing a “house” with a friend, studying for his Ham Radio license, and practicing photography.  He continues to take apart anything with screws in it, and has started growing slime mold in our living room (who hasn’t?).


I was super excited to find we had a small cranberry harvest this year, the first in a few years.  It all went into the Thanksgiving stuffing and a few small gifts of fermented cranberries in honey for holiday family gifts.  The honey harvest was fantastic at about 5 gallons from the 3 hives.  Unfortunately, one hive swarmed in September and was robbed mercilessly afterward.  Another had a mouse move in and wreak havoc.  I combined what was left into one hive, three deep.  I’ve never wintered them that way, but they have a lot of stores and a candy board to boot.  I feel pretty good about it.

cranberry bog, October foliage


Daisy has been busy growing.  She’s topped out at nearly 11lbs, but has grown at least 5 inches in height since we brought her home in July.  She loves her sweater.



Daisy Dog is one fast pup! 



Hiking with friends:  Mt. Mugunticook-Camden Hills, South Bubble and Jordan Pond-Acadia National Park, Bald Rock-Lincolnville

In October we had a family trip to DC.  We spent 4 days walking the mall, touring the Museum of Natural History (my favorite), Lincoln Memorial, Spy Museum, Air and Space, the Mint, Zoo, and eating lots of delicious food.  The kids mostly liked the hotel and the Uber rides.  Go figure.  Rob and I started each morning with a run on the Mall at sunrise. So glad we were there before the election.


Whew.   So much more to show and tell.  I’ll save Thanksgiving for the next post!

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