We built a bench!

You may have noticed some of the most recent pictures include a new bench.  Superbowl weekend Grampy and Uncle Matt came up for the game, and what trio of building kin can resist a group project?  Not these! (Plus, we kind of sprung it on them.)



Of course, when I say “we” it is in the same spirit as in “we” cut and stacked all of the firewood this year,  or “we” plowed the driveway.  Or, “we” make dinner every night, or “we” had 3 babies.  Anyway.  We built a bench, and it’s fantastic.

We put the board games in one end, cat food in the other, and seldom used kitchen things in the middle.  Hooray for storage.  I stained the bottom a driftwood grey, and whitewashed the top.  We moved the table over a foot so now the bench accommodates one whole side of seating (convenient since two of our 5 chairs broke last fall).


I designed it wide enough for board games and stories, but not so deep that you can’t comfortably sit at the table.   I think I can correctly say “we” love it.


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